The Let's Train Darts System

Anyone can throw a dart, but not everyone can darts! You should therefore start from the beginning and grassroots your skills step by step. This system can help you. It is a roadmap with a logical, solid construction.

Suitable for everyone

If you learn from novice dart big goals into smaller goals to group your darts (together). Then you can also learn to move freely across the board moving and your darts to where you want them.

Tough challenges

The system is a training method that helps to improve your level. You will be definitely better if you are seriously dart through the exercises described regularly and consistently perform.

See what the experts say about this revolutionary system.

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In practice it appears that the Let's TRAIN darts system effectively. Ad de Waal, this system has been introduced to dart school in Tilburg, and Gary Anderson has done the same on his dart school in Bristol (UK).